1st MATECSS Workshop

The 1st MATECSS Workshop was held on April 10-11, 2014, at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montréal, Canada. Speakers from twelve countries described a wide range of initiatives, technologies and approaches relevant to sustainable energy production and storage.

The schedule for the workshop is available for download here (160 kB PDF).

Federico Rosei welcomed the attendees and described the goals of the workshop and the MATECSS program. His sides from the inauguration are available for download here (2 MB PDF).
Alexandra Mallett: International technology collaboration and sustainable energy: recasting 'truisms' with insights from emerging economies (2 MB PDF).
Walter Mérida Capacity building for sustainable energy systems (2 MB PDF).
Christine Luscombe: Development of polymers for organic photovoltaics (1.1 MB PDF).
Mohamed Mohamedi: Direct ethanol fuel cells for greenhouse gas emission reduction (4.4 MB PDF).