Coordinator of the Chair, Louis Vervoort

I did a PhD in physics at the University of Marseille, France, and a post-doc at the École Normale Supérieure in Paris. My original field of research is condensed matter physics (in particular semiconductor nanostructures), experiment and theory. I was appointed Coordinator of the UNESCO / MATECSS Chair in spring 2015. My main motivations to join this unique endeavor are twofold. First of all it allows me to be at the heart of what innovation in renewable energies will be in the near future. Second it allows me to actively contribute to an endeavor that has a real sense. I believe that the global climate change is one of the essential challenges of our time; and sustainable energy will significantly contribute to tackling this challenge. There is one other aspect that I particularly like about this work – namely the interaction and collaboration with students and researchers of countries from the ‘global South’. Whereas these countries are ‘developing’ on technological and material aspects, they are, in my personal experience, advanced regarding certain human and inter-relational aspects of society. I feel we can learn a lot from them.