A testimonial by Orsen Zamor, a 2014 summer student at INRS:

“I worked at the UNESCO chair MATECSS during the summer of 2014 under  
the supervision of Prof. Federico Rosei and Dr. Jennifer Macleod and  
it was truly a great experience. It was good to work on a project that  
I felt was bigger than me and that has such a global impact. The chair  
and the leadership of Prof. Rosei and Dr. Macleod really allowed me to  
grow and learn a lot about the role of emerging technologies in  
sustainable energy and sustainable development in the world. Their  
guidance and their assistance are what helped me understand and  
embrace the vision of the chair, which is achieving Sustainable Energy  
for All through knowledge sharing. It’s a vision and a project that I  
now hold to heart and to which I want to continue to contribute.”